Your business is our business

When your home is your workplace

Rural real estate is unique – it is neither residential nor commercial. It is its own unique business that takes into account the specific requirements of individual clients. So, what makes for a great rural real estate agent?

Your rural real estate salesperson is selling your memories of the property through their words. A simple conversation can help you judge whether they are the right person to convey every positive aspect of your time on the property, along with being able to find the good in any “needs work” parts of the property.

Don’t just look for real estate experience – look for rural experience. Many rural real estate salespeople know the ins and outs because they have lived the life before changing industries. In the same way you look for a residential real estate salesperson that has an in-depth knowledge of the area you are buying in, your rural real estate salesperson should know your area and your community.

Your salesperson will be aware that every industry is different, so every requirement should be too. Provide your salesperson with a full back-story on the property. Is it a recent conversion? What plant is nearing the end of its useful life? Gaining a thorough background on costs that could be just around the corner can give buyers a more realistic idea of how much they will be investing. Your rural salesperson should be able to provide a background on the property and its history to prospective buyers.

Do they talk the talk? Talk through your future ambitions with the salesperson. If they don’t know their Holstein Friesians from their Herefords, there is a chance they won’t be able to give you complete answers on whether the buyer’s vision can become a reality.

Look at the track record of your salesperson. How successful are they at selling properties in your area? Some things are out of their control, such as downturns in the market – but do they give you confidence they will be able to sell your property to the right buyer for the right price?

Farmlands Real Estate operates with a free appraisal process. What that means is not only do they look at your property for no charge, you have the opportunity to get to meet the salesperson and hear directly from them what they can offer you – and the vision they will be discussing with potential sellers. To order a free appraisal with one of our rural real estate team members, click HERE