Finding your piece of paradise

Lifestyle Choices

Searching for the right lifestyle balance?

In New Zealand, we’re lucky to have an amazing choice of lifestyle. Property is no different!

Escaping the city or town limits is becoming increasingly common, especially near the major centres. Finding a lifestyle property to call you own brings the best of urban and rural together – you can keep your own animals, have plenty of space to relax and still be near enough to head into town when you have something on. Here is our helpful checklist for those looking at buying a lifestyle property.

  • How far is too far? While escaping urban areas sounds great in theory, for those that still have to commute it can make for earlier starts and late nights! Check the distance and times for travelling, especially during any peak hour traffic. Find the property that gives you the best of both worlds.
  • Lifestyle properties are more than just a house – there is usually land to be farmed as well! Talk to your lifestyle real estate salesperson about what you are hoping to have on your property, in terms of stock or businesses you can run from the property. A good lifestyle salesperson will be able to tell you what will work with the land you are purchasing – and what may require a re-think.
  • Does it meet your needs? While some lifestylers buy property so their children have plenty of room to grow up, others are downsizing from larger rural properties. Look for the right balance between the room you need and what you can realistically maintain. Your lifestyle real estate agent is a great starting point for this conversation!
  • Learn about your area. You don’t always have to scoot back into town whenever you need something! Have a talk with your lifestyle salesperson about the area you are looking at buying in – what amenities (schools, community centres) are nearby? Are there any community groups? Every community is different and your salesperson will be able to shed some light on your new home.
  • Lifestyle properties have room to spare, so how is the property set up? Does it make the most of the sun during the day? Any work need to be done? Talk to your salesperson about your vision for what you want in a property – chances are they already have one in mind for you.

Even if you are unsure of what stock you would like to put on your new piece of paradise, the Farmlands Real Estate team have the luxury of being able to call upon the technical experts from the wider co-operative. To organise a no obligation chat – or for a free appraisal if you are looking to sell your lifestyle property – click HERE to find your nearest salesperson.