Mark Johnson

Licensed REA

Mark has been in rural real estate for the past nine years
and prior to that worked in rural banking throughout the
wider Hawke’s Bay region.

Mark grew up on the East Coast having a mixed sheep
and beef plus horticultural background and has a strong
interest in the pastoral and the horticultural economy of
this region plus a personal interest in both horticultural and
livestock farming himself.

Mark has a broad range of contacts within the primary
sector and knowledge of the various land types and
farming systems around us.

Mark works in partnership with Paul Evans.
They have previously worked together and are aware of
the benefits in providing full and continuous support to
their clients. ‘It is rewarding to be working within a
cooperative business model with a full range of services
where customers share the benefits.’

Farmlands has a shareholder base of over 68,000
members and has a nationwide presence over the length
of New Zealand which enables a very strong marketing

Mark and Paul enjoy servicing Farmlands Cooperative and
helping to facilitate your farming and lifestyle requirements
across the Hawke’s Bay area.

Please give us a call for a confidential discussion regarding
your next move.

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I could not have had better service from Mark Johnson and I would highly recommend Farmlands for their knowledge and expertise in rural real estate.

Vea Morrall